Ecological responsibility

Developing the most ecological ranges

Lama France develops a wide range of the most ecologically-friendly refill products. Lama France is involved in researching and marketing ecologically-friendly printing solutions via its Eco-Impression range made up of the Eco-Recharge and the Eco-Sim.
In 2012, Lama France was responsible for the reconditioning of thousands of recycled printers.
Partnerships and choice of production sites
Lama France has developed a partnership with Récup’ Cartouches for the collection and recycling of ink cartridges.
The production facilities selected include waste reuse processes in their production lines. Our main factory processes wastewater and makes its employees environment and quality aware.
Societal responsibility

Ethics and working conditions

Lama France place ethics and social responsibility at the heart of its corporate policy.

  • The Lama France recruitment policy takes part in student integration programs by signing placement, career development and employment agreements.
  • Lama France outsources part of the performance of its work and services to associations which employ disabled workers (such as ESTAT).
  • Factories selected by Lama France commit to employee working conditions.

Financing a foundation
We are pleased to be able to work with a factory that supports the construction of schools in disadvantaged countries.

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