Laser cartridges

The compatible and remanufactured Laser cartridge range

Lama France offers a complete range of compatible and remanufactured laser cartridges for professional printers. The range includes all-in-one cartridges, toner kits and drums as well as black and colour toner cartridges. Lama France offers a top-of-the-range solution with UPrint and an entry price unbranded packaged solution.

Laser cartridges

Remanufactured Laser Cartridges

A remanufactured laser cartridge is a recycled original cartridge. it is taken from a collection point to a recycling factory where it is reconditioned. Worn parts are replaced.

Compatible Laser Cartridges

Compatible laser cartridges are manufactured in compliance with patents registered by a constructor who is not the one once of the printer.

All-in-one cartridges

All-in-one cartridges consist of toner and a drum. The other cartridges only consist of the toner.


The toner is the ink contained in the cartridge. This powder can be black, cyan, magenta or yellow.


The drum is either a part of the cartridge or of the printer. This component is used to print using an electro-photographic process.

Laser printing

The laser or printing head draws the pattern to be printed on the drum. The drum or, more precisely, the print cylinder, discharges in the areas crossed by the laser beam. The ink powder is drawn into the discharged areas. Toner is then deposited and fixed to the substrate. This is the printing technique used for office laser printers and photocopiers.

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