Our commitments



Lama France, a member of the Global Compact France, adheres to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and in particular the conventions relating to the protection of workers, to the prohibition of forced labor and child labor.



Conscious of current environmental issues, Lama France implements various actions in favor of ecology and sustainable development.

Lama France has remanufactured inkjet and laser cartridges since 1996 for different brands. In this context, Lama France collects empty cartridges that are subject to a framed and high quality manufacturing process that includes disassembly, cleaning, reconstitution and filling of the cartridge. In its process, UPrint uses only used original cartridges ("Virgin"), retaining 95% of OEM components. The remaining 5% represents wear parts that are replaced as essential to the proper functioning of the cartridge. This ensures a quality equivalent to original products while maintaining a high environmental performance index. The UPrint range consists mainly of remanufacturing products



The life cycle of products distributed by Lama France leads to two categories of waste: Electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) Consumable waste by impressions To provide a real solution on the management of this waste, Lama France has created two subsidiaries: Recover Cartridges and LM Eco Production.




Lama France has chosen to be a solidarity-based company and to subcontract part of its activity to 2 E.S.A.T (Industry and Service of Assistance through Labor). Lama France sous treats part of the execution of its works and services that employ people with disabilities.



Patronage is a strong value of Lama France, which engages in associative and sports projects that work for solidarity in France.   For the past 6 years, Lama France has been sponsoring a car that participates in several rounds of French Championship Rallies and World Championships (under its UPrint brand). These special events are excellent opportunities to take the time to discuss the projects and daily problems of our Clients. But it is also an opportunity for society to share its values through motorsport: conviviality, team spirit, concentration, conviction, passion, work!


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